Filmmaker & Photographer


I am a photographer and filmmaker but i am also a businessman so i strive to build my own company based around mine and others art. To do this I need lots of help so if you enjoy my artwork don’t hesitate to get in touch for a commision or print!

Behind the scenes picture of short film “Alone”

I am a young Indie filmmaker from Lexington Kentucky who has directed, co-directed, and produced several short films. I aspire to work my way up to big-time director status but most importantly create awe-inspiring and striking content with imagery that will stick with the viewer. The most prevalent genres that I tend to stick to are Horror and Thriller because I have always been drawn to them myself and they always say, make something you know, and so I do.

I also take portrait, sports, landscape, and nature photography with my simple Canon T8i rebel. I love the feeling of being able to freeze a moment in time and immortalize its beauty.

In the past, I’ve worked on film sets for companies and organizations such as A&W, CAP(Christian Appalachian Project), KCC(Kentucky Council of Churches), BYSC(Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council), the Lexington Ice Center, and Pinnacle Productions.

I Have worked alongside individuals in the film industry such as John Buckman, Rob Gardner, Dave Harl, and more.