UAC and the Art Community

The Art Community

Murals on street corners, paintings in galleries,  statues in parks, and sketches in notebooks. The commonality here is that these are what the largest denomination of people would consider “ART”. However, art does not have to be traditional as it is simply defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill”(Oxford Languages). Art can be anything from film to the literal “writing on the wall”, and that is why I holistically love the art community. I feel certain and free in this community. Free to follow my passions and certain of what I want to follow. 

The Untitled Art Coalition!

A great example of my place in the art community is in UAC(The Untitled Art Coalition). We are an up-and-coming organization of unrestricted types of artists. We all bring different skills to the table and because of that we can form full fledged events and projects with every corner filled with talent. For example, among 2 others, I am a Photographer and Filmmaker and can help fill that role when we need pictures for our website or films to promote our quality art. I also help organize events to showcase our art. I am currently working on a weekend long film-festival where my films, alongside others’, within and outside of UAC, will be shown. There will also be a gallery of UAC’s various artworks, anything from jewelry to non-traditionalist portraits, in the front lobby of the theater. Inside the Art community, and more specifically UAC, I feel as if I can grow as a filmmaker because it’s a place of positive constructive feedback and somewhere you can be freely and fully passionate. Although UAC is special due to our non-traditionally wide range of artists, there are many places where artists can fit into the art community with a similar familiality. 

Final notes

If you are interested in UAC then contact me directly

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